Piano Storage

Storing your piano can be a frustating experience, especially if your piano isn't cared for properly.

Most pianos are built from a combination of metals and organic materials, the majority of which are wood. Unfortunately, pianos are very susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity; when a piano becomes too humid, the wood expands - causing the piano to push itself out of tune. When a piano dries out, the wood components contract, relaxing string tension and causing the piano to fall out of tune. The thinnest and most sensitive wood part of a piano, the soundboard, is especially vulnerable to damage from these changes - and is very costly to fix or replace.

Fortunately, you can avoid any of these problems by choosing us to store your piano. At Grandmasters Pianos, we secure, wrap, and pad every inch of your piano to protect it from any damage, or exposure to dust. Our air conditioned warehouse is the perfect place for your piano to rest for any period of time.

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